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, people-to-●people and cultural 〓exchanges betwee●n the two 〓countries have〓 become mo■re colorful with〓 increasing exchange●s of books, f●ilms and TV progra■ms, said Wang. As To●kyo and Beijing wi◆ll host the Olympic 〓Games next ye◆ar and the Win◆ter Olympics in 〓2022 respec●tively, he ca●lled on th●e two sides 〓to strength○en mutual support a○nd cooperat○ion to ensure the su◆ccess of the e〓vents.Wang s◆tressed that t〓o promote peo○ple-to-people e■xchanges betwe■en China and Japan〓, the two pe◆o

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ples are the real p●rotagonists〓, and the ◆local areas are● broad stage●s while th◆e youth are the hope◆ for the fu◆ture. The two sid◆es should ■work together to ush○er in a new era● of exchanges betwee○n peoples, loc■alities and yo○uth.More t●han 200 of■ficials and ce○lebrities f●rom all walks〓 of life of the tw■o countries a〓ttended the ◆reception, includi●ng former Japanese ◆Prime Mini◆ster

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nd at a■ critical juncture◆ in the Democra●tic race to r○un against him in 20〓20. With le●ss than three mo○nths before the f●irst voting co●ntests, big quest■ions hang o○ver the fr〓ont-runners, time ■is running out for ●lower tier candi■dates to mak■e their move an○d new Demo●crats are launchin■g improbable last-mi●nute bids for the no〓mination.But a○mid the turb◆ulence, the W◆hite House hopeful

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s〓 often found them◆selves fighti〓ng on well-trod■den terrain, pa■rticularly ov●er whether th〓e party s

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